yoga with emma

Vrksasana :-Tree pose

Like the roots of a tree provide the foundation for its body and branches,our feet and legs provide the support for our upper body to stand with strength.

This balancing pose demonstrates our state of mind,focus is necessary to maintain a steady balance,and the benefits are you will have a sense of feeling grounded


Virabhadrasana II :- Warrior 2

This pose has a heroic quality that resides in each of us,a proud posture,integrally working the legs for strength,which linked with intent propels us to action.

This is an excellent posture to restore a feeling of power,making you feel focused


Parsvakonasana :- Extended side angle

This poses engages the thigh muscles,works the inner legs from the groin right the way through to the ankles,many of our day to day movements are either forward or backward movements,

This lateral sideways stretch is great for grounding,and opening as well as encouraging lateral thinking


Prasarita padottanasana :- Wide leg forward bend

This posture gives you a feeling of expansion within the body,by spreading the legs wide apart as they feel comfortable,can feel immensely satisfying. As it expands the shape of who we are in the outer world


Siddha sana :- Perfect pose

This pose increases circulation in the lumbar spine,pelvis and abdomen, helps with mobility in the knee and ankle joints,and is excellent for a seated pose for meditation and pranayama


Adho mukha svanasana :- Downward facing dog pose

This pose stretches out the spine, the hamstrings,and shoulders,and the inversion provides additional blood flow to the head.the benefits are strengthening within the body and feeling invigorated


Hasta padangusthadana :- Upright big toe

This posture limbers the hip joints,stretches the hamstring muscles,tones the legs and improves your balance. It is mainly used as a part of the sequence used in ashtanga vinyasa yoga


Natarajasana :- Dancer pose

This beautiful but challenging posture requires balance as well as flexibility,in the back,legs and shoulders. it is dedicated to shiva the destroyer who is The Lord of the dance,the benefit of this pose is you will feel, rejuvenated and energised.


Bekasana :- Crane pose

In this posture the whole weight of the body rests on the hands.this strengthens the wrists,arms,shoulders and abdominal muscles.

It requires focus,concentration, and by helping us conquer the fear of falling forward this pose builds confidence in other areas of your life


Sirsana :- Headstand

Has been called the king of asana,because it has innumerable benefits,nourishing brain cells,stimulating your heart and circulation.

Calming the nervous system, balancing the digestive system. And overall strengthening the spirit with a balancing effect


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