About yoga

What is? & Why Do? Yoga

Yoga is about learning to come back to your-‘self’. It's about finding your limits, expanding your personal boundaries and being able to truly relax with who you are. It's about taking time out for your-‘self’ from the fast pace of life that the majority of us run with.

On a physical level, as you learn about feeling ‘centered’, the yoga poses you learn will start to bring you into the present moment – providing small windows of release from worrying thoughts about the past or the future. With practise and experience, you may start to realise that the ‘centeredness’ you have found through yoga can positively filter into other areas of your life too.

What Are The Rewards Of Yoga?

The combined, physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of Yoga, brings long-term rewards for both body and mind:

  • Sense of expansion and calmness in mind.
  • Increased strength and stamina.
  • Relief of stress and anxiety
  • Lowered blood pressure.
  • Increased flexibility.

What Does Yoga Mean?

Over 2,500 years ago, the author of Yoga-Sutra (Patanjali), defined Yoga as “turning or stilling the mind”. In Sanskrit, the original word for Yoga is ‘Yoga Sana’ with the literal translation of Yoga (to unite/union/join) and Sana physical postures). To simplify - when soul meets physical exercise in a spiritual way, that's Yoga Sana, and if we exercise, control our breath and meditate, a complete union of the mind and body occurs.

Who Is Yoga For?

‘Think Yoga’ classes are holistic. Everyone is welcome, irrespective of current fitness levels or previous experience. Male/females, beginners, improvers and advanced level participants are all catered for by varying and demonstrating postures at different levels, specific to each of your needs.

The body, mind, and breath are all connected when working in a Yoga Asana (posture). To keep your body in tune with your mind, it is therefore vital to observe and listen to your body and avoid over-stretching - ‘Think Yoga’ will help and ensure that you learn to do so in a safe and progressive way.

Can I Just Turn up, Or Do I Need To Book?

Both weekly classes are run on a Drop-In basis, so just come along. If you are new to the class, it’s probably worth you coming along 5-10 minutes earlier just for that first time, as it will give us the opportunity to introduce ourselves, chat the class format through and I can answer any questions you may have.

What do I Wear?

Loose comfortable clothing. Most perform Yoga with bare feet (optional) though bringing a warm pair of socks is recommended to keep your feet nice and warm during meditation.

Do I Need A Yoga Mat?

I have spare mats that you can borrow in class. However, if you prefer to bring your own mat, that’s great too. You can also purchase a mat or mat-carrier from me – just ask before/after class or contact me using the tab above.

How Often Do I Need To Practice Yoga?

It’s up to you is the short answer. Whether you just come along to your weekly class, come to both classes or include practice at home – you will benefit from your Yoga experience/s. However, the best form of Yoga practice, is when it is is integrated into life and performed regularly as, with continued practice, long-term rewards for both body and mind are most likely.

I'm Not Very Flexible, Is That OK?

No problem! The more you practice, the more your flexibility will improve –and with dramatic results. Yoga is non-competitive, so just come along and I will help you listen to your body, take the poses slowly and at a level suitable to your needs.

What About Meditation?

Meditation means to ‘become familiar with... ‘ and when practised, is a way of exploring your inner ‘self’. Meditation is a wonderful tool that enables you to turn inward on your own journey of self discovery.
Many people use meditation to help them to relax, cope with stress, help manage pain, balance emotions and feelings or simply, to slow the busy mind down and live in the moment for a while.

There is always a 15 minute guided meditation at the end of each ‘Think Yoga’ class.


Classes at:
Yateley Manor School ( Drama Studio )
51 Reading Road, Yateley, Hampshire, GU46 7UQ

Mon: 18:15-19:15

Sat: 9.30-10.45